What’s New in the Library 3/4/2015

Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing by April Jones Prince. How famed showman and circus owner P.T. Barnum marched 21 elephants across the newly opened Brooklyn Bridge in 1883 to prove its trustworthiness.

Astronomy Projects with an Observatory You Can Build by Robert Gardner. How to build your own astronomical observatory to watch the stars and planets.

Math Projects for Young ScientistsWhere by David A. Thomas. Fibonacci numbers. Geometry and topology. Sequences and series. Julia sets and fractals. High school level math games and projects.

Where on Earth Am I? by Robert Gardner. A variety of investigations, activities, and projects explaining how humans discovered Earth’s position in the universe and how we can find our own location using maps, compasses, the sun, and the stars.

Chicks and Chickens by Gail Gibbons. Wonderfully illustrated introduction to the life cycle of a chicken.

Galaxies, Galaxies by Gail Gibbons. Spiral, barred spiral, elliptical, lenticular, irregular.

Snakes by Gail Gibbons.

Westward Ho! An Activity Guide to the Wild West by Laurie Carlson.

Wingwalker by Rosemary Wells. During the Great Depression, Reuben watches his father walk on the wings of an airplane to entertain the crowds, and Reuben overcomes his own fear of flying.

100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson. In an old Kansas farmhouse hidden doors in an attic room open onto other worlds.

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