Meriadoc Homeschool Library

Did you ever go to the public library to try to borrow books to supplement your homeschool curriculum or for recreational reading? And all you and your children found were vampires, evolutionary propaganda, and books that were dumbed-down and unhelpful?

Or did you ever try to buy all of the books to support your literature or history or science curriculum, only to have your bank account scream “Ouch!”

Do you ever wonder where all the “good books” , as opposed to what Charlotte Mason called “twaddle”, have gone?

Did you ever wish that there could be a library fashioned especially for homeschoolers with their needs and desires in mind?

Your wish has come true. Meriadoc Homeschool Library, operated out of the Early home at 15707 Rill Lane in Houston, TX, is THE place for homeschoolers in the Clear Lake/Friendswood/Webster area to borrow books and curriculum for homeschooling with living books. Any homeschooling family is welcome to join Meriadoc Homeschool Library for a nominal yearly fee.

Meriadoc Homeschool Library has a collection of more than 3000 excellent, inspiring, living books. From fiction to science to history to mathematics, our books feature enthusiastic authors writing about subjects and characters that the author cares about and that come alive to your students as you read together in your homeschool. Sherry Early, the librarian and collector of all of these books, will encourage and assist member families as you make thought-provoking books the center of your educational journey.

If this simple focus on reading and reading aloud and a literature intensive approach to homeschooling appeals to you and your family, you can get more information about Meriadoc Homeschool Library on our webpage or you can email Sherry Early at

“A living book has more of the human touch. Usually only one author is writing, sharing his favorite subject with us. We pick up his enthusiasm for his subject as he writes affectionately about what he knows. These books are living in the sense that they are alive with ideas. Ideas give us something to ponder. It is better to ponder than to parrot.” ~Karen Andreola

“An entire book on one subject affords far more retention than a short paragraph in a textbook. Living books have facts in them just like any textbook would but they also feature people living through ocean exploration, wars, scientific discoveries, etc. When children read about people’s lives in a book they tend to care and become connected, then they hang on to the facts far better than they do when they read boring, lifeless entries in other types of books.” ~Catherine Levison